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  • Farhad Malik

    Farhad Malik

    My personal blog, aiming to explain complex mathematical, financial and technological concepts in simple terms. Contact: FarhadMalik84@googlemail.com

  • Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

    Tyler Elliot Bettilyon

    A curious human on a quest to watch the world learn. I teach computer programming and write about software’s overlap with society and politics. www.tebs-lab.com

  • Hoa Nguyen

    Hoa Nguyen

    Insight Data Engineering

  • Maxime Beauchemin

    Maxime Beauchemin

    Founder and CEO at Preset, creator of Apache Superset and Apache Airflow

  • Jeff Hale

    Jeff Hale

    I write about data science. Join my Data Awesome mailing list to stay on top of the latest data tools and tips: https://dataawesome.com

  • Nadav Rosen

    Nadav Rosen

    Machine Learning and Deep Learning Enthusiast.

  • Astad Mistry

    Astad Mistry

  • Yusuf Cattaneo

    Yusuf Cattaneo

    In God we trust, all others must bring data -W. Edwards Deming

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